About us 

We are Charlène and Claudine Civil, founders of PAP’PADAP! Travels.

Besides sharing the same mother, we share the same love for Haiti, our country of origin, and the passion for travel. 

Charlène et Claudine


as Emergency Humanitarian Program Manager, worked for NGOs at headquarters and in the field for 6 years.

This experience has enabled her, through missions mainly in Africa, to travel and discover new cultures in order to better understand local populations needs and better guide humanitarian aid.

Aware that foreign interventions can have a negative impact on the environment of developing countries, she learned to work with local communities to establish a constructive dialogue and establish a long-term partnership.

Her job allows her to identify and better support local structures and their development projects. By settling in the United Kingdom, she decides to put her experience at the service of a passion shared with her sister: tourism.


on a continuous wanderlust, was Director of a travel agency specialised in trekking in Canada, and for 3 years Communication and Marketing Manager for a Fair Tourism Organisation in France.

Handling groups of tourists and questions for travel preparations have no secrets for her!

As a Travel Coordinator, she managed on site groups visiting Thailand, Peru and Madagascar. So, why not Haiti while we are it?

Her experience in logistics and marketing in the travel industry naturally complements Charlene’s experience in managing humanitarian programs.

PAP’PADAP! Travels was born with these 2 profiles, a responsible tourism project

We went to Haiti in December 2017 to assess the feasibility of our project by testing our AYITI TRIP Tour.

And what was our surprise to see along the way so many Haitian initiatives for the development of tourism!

We were able to forge solid partnerships with guesthouses, restaurants, tour guides and local development agencies.

Charlène et Claudine
Discussion association locale Haïti
Charlène et Claudine

PAP’PADAP! Travels propose solidarity trips, offering a human experience, in full immersion into the vibrant Haitian culture.

With different themes, PAP’PADAP! Travels offers its travelers the opportunity to (re) discover Haiti in a supportive, artistic, culinary and natural environments.

All PAP’PADAP! Travels trips are thought out and designed to allow travelers to experience the richness of the Haitian culture.