Ti Goave & its surroundings

5 days

Areas Visited :
Ti Goave – Miragoane – Vallue – Cocoyer & Bananier Beach

You will love :

  • Discover the gardens of Vallue’s village
  • Bathe in the crystal clear waters of Bananier Beach
  • Taste Douce Macos and other local flavors 

Welcome to Petit Goave or more commonly known in Haiti: Ti GoaveFormerly called Guava by the Taïnos people (the first inhabitants of the island), Ti Goave is one of the oldest cities in Haiti.

We owe the fame of this coastal town to its pineapples which are the best in the region but also to its Douce Makos which is a candy made from milk and sugar. 

Ti Goave is also dream beaches like Bananier and Kokoye Beach that look like postcards; but also hills as far as the eye can see which offer an exceptional view over the bay of Ti Goave.

Moreover, we also take you to discover the hills on the Vallue site to meet our partner who works in sustainable tourism while offering a unique experience to travelers.

PAP’PADAP! Travels will make you discover the activities of the association but also the diversity of agricultural production in the region.

  • Beach
  • Mountains
  • Encountering
  • Transport

Your itinerary

Day 1: Discovery of Ti Goave + Meeting our local partner

Your day will begin with the discovery of the city of Ti Goave. One of the city’s main streets is named after Faustin Soulouque, former president and emperor of Haiti.

Known as a determined person, he actively participated in the Haitian revolution. Through the stories of your guide, you will discover the history of this city in the footsteps of the colonial empire.

What makes the beauty of Ti Goave is also its seaside which offers a magnificent view of its bay. The day will continue on the coasts, meeting our local partner, which is an association for the protection of the maritime environment.

The actions of the association aim to educate the population to better understand the ocean that surrounds them. You will be able to participate in their awareness campaigns among young people, the population and fishermen.

Duration of the visit: on demand

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: lunch – dinner

Day 2: Association + Tour of Miragoane

You will continue your second day with the our local partner to continue to immerse yourself in the maritime environment of the region.

After a good meal prepared by the association, PAP’PADAP! Travels takes you to explore the nearby town of Miragoane.

A port city, Miragoane is one of the main Haitian commercial ports. We owe the name of Miragoane to the first Spanish settlers who named it so because of the strong presence of iguanas in the city.

Your guide will take the opportunity to take you to see the remains of Fort Réfléchi which was built in order to prevent a possible return of the French, after the independence of Haiti.

PAP’PADAP! Travels invites you to continue visiting the city, to discover  Miragoane Lake, which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country. Located in the middle of the mountains, several streams and ravines feed the lake, in particular the Pineau source, from the western part of the Selle Mountain chain.

Duration of the visit: on demand

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: lunch – dinner

Day 3: Guided tour of the Vallue plant museum + Visit to the Sève garden

PAP’PADAP! Travels takes you to visit the hills of the country to discover Vallue, a small eco-tourist village located in the mountains. 

The Association des Paysans de Vallue (APV) , a farmers cooperative, has made a model of community development by making the best use of their local resources. For 2 days, you will experience the Haitian mountains, with a climate cooler than in the capital and special flora and fauna.

The APV will be happy to present their actions to protect the environment when you visit the city gardens, especially La Sève Garden 

Duration of the visit: on demand

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: lunch – dinner

Day 4 : Cheese-making workshop visit + Guided tour of the Solivermont garden

To continue your immersion in the mountains of the country, the Association des Paysans de Vallue invites you to discover their culinary workshops. You will have the opportunity to visit the cheese-making workshop and why not let yourself be tempted by a little tasting!

After the picnic, the APV will continue to show you around with the visit of Labo Solivermont garden, which is an agritourism site.

As an option, you can also let yourself be tempted by a Creole massage or a leaf bath.

Enjoy! Here 80% of the actions are of collective interest!

Day 5 : Cocoyer Beach + Banana Beach

It’s already time to leave the village of Vallue. After a good breakfast, you will hit the road again to descend from the mountains.

PAP’PADAP! Travels takes you to spend your last day at Bananier and Cocoyer Beach, which are the region’s hidden treasures.

What better way to end this trip with your feet in the water 🙂

Duration of the visit: on demand

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: breakfast – lunch

What's included/not included

What’s included

  • A welcome cocktail
  • ground transportation between stages
  • full board during the stay
  • accommodation
  • the activities included in the circuit
  • snacks (water, snacks)
  • contact with our teams before and during the stay
  • a surprise gift!

What is not included

International flights

airport taxes/ fees

tips to local guides

soft drinks and alcohol

optional activities not included in the program

  • Airport transfer is an available option.



Those to your accommodation and during the activities will be carried out either by 4×4 vehicles, Pap padap minivan/buses, or traditional tap tap depending on the size of the group, the type of road in the areas visited and the availability of vehicles from our local partners.


To guarantee an authentic experience, PAP’PAPDAP! Travels welcomes you in Haitian guesthouses and hotels. Depending on the size of the groups and availability, we have selected the most cozy establishments with unique charms so that these moments of relaxation are the most memorable.

Access to hot water available on request (heated by fire) / No internet access in accommodation but purchase of a SIM card is possible

Electricity not available during the day in the Guesthouse (activated on request)

Our solidarity partners

Association des Paysans de Vallue 

This community association works for the local development of life in Vallue and promotes mountain ecotourism.

This network operates in several areas: education, culture, agriculture, environment, agro-food, communication, crafts, health, water and sanitation, roads, housing, ecotourism, etc.


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