Arcahaie & its surroundings

5 days

Areas Visited :
Arcahaie – Kay Piat – Montrouis – Fort Drouet 

You will love :

  • Discover the remains of Fort Drouet
  • Discover the crystal clear waters of the island by boat
  • Hiking on the heights of the city

Welcome to Arcahaie, Plantain city ! Indeed, the town of Arcahaie is renowned for the quality of its plantains thanks to its extensive banana plantations overlooking the coast. Through this mountain range, you will find part of the remains of the Haitian History. Rich in history, this area will offer you a trip through time ideal to understand the history of Haiti.

Arcahaie and its surroundings is also a tourist attraction.  White sand beach, turquoise water and coconut trees give the area a real postcard landscape

Many beach activities are waiting for you in Arcahaie. 

  • Beach
  • Mountains
  • Encountering
  • Transport

Your itinerary

Day 1 : Discovery of Arcahaie + Ogier Fombrun Museum

Your day begins with the discovery of the city of Arcahaie, recognised by many historians as the Haitian Flag City. Indeed, it is in 1803, during the Congress of Insurgents, that the two-colored Haitian flag was made.

Do you like bananas? Because it is in Arcahaie that we find the best bananas and plantains in the country! During our city tour, we take the opportunity to make a turn to the market to see the different fruits and vegetables growing in the region, and start your culinary journey

After this page of history, we take you for a walk by the beach before returning to the guesthouse in which you will spend the next 2 nights.

Duration of the visit: on demand

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: lunch – dinner

Day 2: Kay Piat hike + beach

After good local products served at breakfast, we take you on a hike to Kay Piat, in the heart of the mountains chain of Matheux. On the way, we promise you breathtaking views! Mountains as far as the eye can see will be offered to you. 

We will also go through several villages in which you can greet or even take time for a chit chat with the farmers of the area. They are always delighted to chat with visitors! 

At the end of the route, you will discover several basins made to grow watercress. A basin is even built for swimming! Sounds refreshing right?

We will take the opportunity of this magnificent view to stop for a picnic before descending to Montrouis.

PAP’PADAP! Travels will take you to spend the rest of the day on a white sand beach and turquoise waters. You can optionally take a boat tour to enjoy a beautiful sunset. #sunsetlovers alert!

Duration of the visit: about 2h walking – intermediary level 

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 3: Marchand Dessalines & its Forts

Let’s go to Marchand Dessalines! The city is named for Jean-Jacques Dessalines, considered the founding father of Haiti. 

After the capture of Toussaint Louverture, he became the leader of the Haitian Revolution beating the French to Vertières to proclaim Haiti Independence in 1804.

Today, the city of Dessalines remains surrounded by the memories of the Haitian history, through the forts like the Decided, Fort Doko and Fort Dessalines, offering panoramic views of the city. From here you can really see the whole city! 

After enjoying the scenery, we will continue our ascent to reach the Fort Fin du Monde (end of the world). No, this is not scary but a hint of paradise! From here, it really feels you have the world at your feet.

After enjoying this view, we will descend slowly in town to go to Verrettes where PAP’PADAP! Travels takes you to spend the night.

Duration of the visit: on demand

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 4: Drouet Fort Hike + Delpeche Fort

You will continue to discover the forts of the region by walking through the Matheux Chain of mountains. On the road towards Fort Drouet, our PAP’PADAP! Travels guide will show you the remains of an important coffee house. And yes, once, Haitian coffee was so famous that he even competed Colombian coffee!

Our guide will take you to the ruins of the Dion dwelling, the largest group of slave housing identified in Haiti.

You will continue your hike on the heights of Délices where Fort Drouet was built, the day after the proclamation of independence. From this height, we can see the valley of Artibonite, the plain of Arcahaie and especially Fort Delpêche, which will be visited later. We can see extraordinary views of the Gulf of Gonâve!

A series of hills provide a breathtaking natural show.

After taking so much scenery, we will come down to take the road towards Montrouis where you spend your last night

Duration of the visit: on demand

Accommodation: Guesthouse

Meals included: breakfast – lunch – dinner

Day 5: Boat trip + snorkeling afternoon

After making you traveling through time with stories of Haiti’s independence, we take you on a boat trip for your last day

As you could see since the beginning of your stay, Montrouis is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the country. You will discover intimate sandy beaches and turquoise water where you will hardly see it crowded by tourists.

You will be able to snorkel to explore the seabed. After our expedition, you will continue to enjoy the idyllic setting of Montrouis before heading back to Arcahaie.

Duration of the visit: on demand

Meals included: breakfast – lunch

What's included/not included

What’s included

  • A welcome cocktail
  • ground transportation between stages
  • full board during the stay
  • accommodation
  • the activities included in the circuit
  • snacks (water, snacks)
  • contact with our teams before and during the stay
  • a surprise gift!

What is not included

International flights

airport taxes/ fees

tips to local guides

soft drinks and alcohol

optional activities not included in the program

  • Airport transfer is an available option.



Those to your accommodation and during the activities will be carried out either by 4×4 vehicles, Pap padap minivan/buses, or traditional tap tap depending on the size of the group, the type of road in the areas visited and the availability of vehicles from our local partners.


To guarantee an authentic experience, PAP’PAPDAP! Travels welcomes you in Haitian guesthouses and hotels. Depending on the size of the groups and availability, we have selected the most cozy establishments with unique charms so that these moments of relaxation are the most memorable.

Access to hot water available on request (heated by fire) / No internet access in accommodation but purchase of a SIM card is possible

Electricity not available during the day in the Guesthouse (activated on request)

Our solidarity partners

Ogier Fombrun Museum

Located near the village of Montrouis, this museum is housed in an old sugar house dating from the 18th century. We owe the museum’s name to Guillaume Ogier, a Bordeaux colonist, who built it and then abandoned it almost 30 years later, during the Haitian revolution. It was in March 1977 that the architect Gérard Fombrun purchased it to restore this old house, in order to turn it into a museum with a view to safeguarding the national heritage.

He set up a museographic ensemble there that documents the history of Haiti from the pre-Columbian Taino period, followed by the Spanish and French colonial periods, until the creation of the Haitian nation in 1804.


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