Travel responsibly  

When Tourism become EcoTourism

Responsible tourism is used to fund initiatives that conserve the environment and culture, but it also serves to give communities a reason to conserve them.

And this goes through several fundamental principles:

For PAP’PADAP! Travels,
Responsible Tourism is based on several fundamental principles:

Accommodation is provided by local establishments rather than foreign hotel chains.

Culinary experiences are based around local products and cultural traditions.

Guides and other tourism workers are locals, adequately trained, equipped and paid for the services they provide.

Cultural tours benefit local communities first, followed by visitors.

Interactions with vulnerable children through begging and other child labor should be avoided, and the support more toward communities working on their local tourism keeping children safe and families together.

A responsible company minimizes the environmental impact of its travelers throughout their stay by opting for reusable products such as gourds or canvas bags rather than single use water bottles or plastic bags.

The responsible company that sells travel must in return reinvest funds in the destinations visited, whether for their schools or their renewable energy projects.

How PAP’PADAP! Travels translate this concept ?

Through tourism, PAP PADAP! Travels wishes to promote local development by boosting the economy of the regions visited.

“The involvement of local populations in the different phases of the tourism project, respect for people, cultures, nature and a more equitable distribution of the resources generated are the foundations of activities we offer.”



To propose solidarity actions that make a difference, PAP’PADAP! Travel proceeds to an assessment of the context and local issues in the different regions visited during the stay. 

PAP’PADAP! Travels assesses local decision-making methods to understand who are the stakeholders in the territory, their respective functions and their needs.

In each of the localities,  PAP’PADAP! Travels organise a collective forum inviting local authorities and the population to tell the story of the site.

This crucial phase allows to assess the tourism potential, but above all, make it possible to involve the local populations from the start of the project.

Interview partenaire PAP_PADAP Travels - Haïti
Randonnée montagnes Haïti - Gressier - Haïti - PAP_PDAP! Travels


Local artisans, restaurateurs, boat drivers, Pap’Padap, farmers, guides, etc., are all trades that are an integral part of the site’s tourist potential. These are also all services that can be provided by local development associations if they are supported.

Bateau plage - Ti Goave - Sud Haïti - PAP_PADAP! Travels
Vendeurs de tableau - Plage Raymond les bains - Sud Est - Haiti


In all the tourist spots offered in the stays, PAP’PADAP! Travels has established a partnership with an association offering rural development or economic recovery projects. These projects coming from the community match and respond to their real needs.

With the help of specialists (which may even be a traveler!), PAP’PADAP! Travels organizes activities to build and empower the capacities of local development actors, according to their needs.

Community work - local people - Petit Boucan - Ouest -
Community work - local solo - Petit Boucan - Ouest - Haiti
Randonnée montagnes Haïti - Gressier - Haïti - PAP_PDAP! Travels


The traveler can participate in the activities of partner associations in their daily life.

Tailor-made support can be organized according to the skills of the traveler and the needs observed (business presentation, short specific training offered by the traveler).

5% of the total price paid by the traveler is automatically allocated to the development fund, donated to partner associations.

Visite grotte bassin Zim - Centre Haïti - PAP_PADAP! Travels
Vendeurs de tableau - Plage Raymond les bains - Sud Est - Haiti