Located near the village of Montrouis, this museum is housed in an old sugar house dating from the 18th century.

We owe the museum’s name to Guillaume Ogier, a Bordeaux colonist, who built it and then abandoned it almost 30 years later, during the Haitian revolution. It was in March 1977 that the architect Gérard Fombrun purchased it to restore this old house, in order to turn it into a museum with a view to safeguarding the national heritage.

He set up a museographic ensemble there that documents the history of Haiti from the pre-Columbian Taino period, followed by the Spanish and French colonial periods, until the creation of the Haitian nation in 1804.

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Place : Montrouis

Contact : www.facebook.com/MuseeOgierFombrun/

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Ogier Fombrun Museum

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